About Us


Identify your weakness online

No ones is perfect. Not even the biggest brands have conquered online optimization. This means that there's room for growth, for everyone. This is the most important step in our process as it helps us gauge where we're at today and use that it as a benchmark for progress.

Determine where you're lacking a presence

You might think that a google listing is all you need. Wrong. The more listings you have, the better you look to search engines. While no one knows the exact algorithm for Google, Yahoo etc., we do know that the more listings that you have that are consistent, the higher your ranking.


Understand what's feasible

While we do have complete marketing solutions - from start to finish - we do realize that it may not be feasible for each and every brand. We'll work with you to understand what needs the most attention so we can address those concerns immediately.

Build a customized plan

Each and every one of our optimization plans is customized. We don't use a template or the same strategy for every brand because we understand that every brand is different. We'll work with you to build a custom plan based on your needs, budget, location, size, etc.


Execute local strategy

Once we've finalized and confirmed your local plan, it's time to execute. Deployment of this plan will happen immediately; but growth takes time. Our solution is a strategic method to grow your organic presence online, so we're subject to search engines timelines.

Grow your brand

This is the goal! Growing your brand means more people coming through the door of your business and your church. Our methods and strategy all have this goal in mind.


Tyeisha Crutchfield, Founder

Tyeisha is from a small town in Maryland, just outside of D.C.

Tyeisha moved to Charlotte, NC in 2009 as she set off to seek her Bachelor's degree at Johnson C. Smith University. She graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Communication Arts.

Right after graduation and with a few years of experience already under her belt, Tyeisha was employed by a billion dollar automotive company to work in advertising. She also began working towards an MBA in marketing at the same time.

At the age of 25, Tyeisha realized that her experience working for newspapers, magazines, local news stations, government agencies and a billion dollar franchise organization have equipped her with a unique set of skills. These skills coupled with her love of God, ambition and drive, lead her to launch Reach Marketing Solution - a solution to help churches and small businesses grow through local and digital marketing solutions.