Act Like a Church, Think Like A Business

In 2009, Steve Harvey published a book call “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”. It gave women insight into the way men think in order to help them persevere in relationships. In 2012, this book was adapted into a film called “Think Like A Man”. Although the film grossed over 90 million dollars in the box office and portrayed the same relevant narrative as in the book, it missed one key message – “Act Like A Lady”.

Now, I don’t think that portion of the title was intentionally left out. “Think Like A Man” is short, catchy and easy to remember. But leaving “Act Like A Lady” out of the title of the movie morphs the end goal which should be to remain who you are, just become smarter. Changing your way of thinking while forgetting your foundation changes you completely; there are no barriers or boundaries. It’s a “by any means” sort of mindset.

My statement “Act Like A Church, Think Like A Business” came directly from Steve Harvey’s original message. But for me, I think “Act Like A Church” is key to this process of evolving and transforming because when you start acting like a business and thinking like a business, you become a business.

The church should always remain that – a church; a place for salvation and hope. In order to grow, churches must continue be a church but think like a business. This means adapting to the modern business best practices of bringing in leads…I mean souls. These best practices are advertising strategies that reach people where they are – online. Digital marketing is the fastest growing advertising solution and soon to be the only one. Businesses draw people in from online optimization and marketing, so why can’t the church? We CAN!

What many churches don’t know is that having a website alone does almost nothing to bring people in. Here are some of the reasons that your website probably isn’t working for your church:

  1. It’s outdated/old content
  2. It’s only updated a few times a year
  3. There’s no where for people to interact on your website
  4. You don’t have social media linked to your website
  5. Incorrect/Inconsistent information on your website

And the list goes on…

An outdated website isn’t necessarily deterring potential visitors from your church, it’s negatively impacting your ranking online; so chance are, these potential visitors aren’t even seeing your outdated website. But an outdated website isn’t the only thing that’s negatively impacting your ranking. Your website could be updated monthly, even weekly, but inconsistent listings online tell Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. that you don’t have it all together. And they’ll gladly place you at the bottom of the page, or on the next page, for a church that does have it all together.

It’s candid, but it’s the truth. And it’s something that I want to share with churches so that we can begin to leverage the best practices that businesses have already solved for to enhance the Kingdom of God.

Your ranking online is subject to search engines’ algorithms. By no means has anyone determined what the exact algorithm is but most modern businesses have digital marketing guru’s that have cracked the puzzle a little bit. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important term that every business (church) should know. It’s how you improve your online visibility. SEO is organic search that increases with:

  • Content generation
  • Correct and consistent listing information
  • Cooperation with Search Engine (Google, Yahoo etc.) algorithm

If you don’t know, well now you know.

Times have changed and it’s time for the church to adopt a new mind for bringing in the masses. It starts with understanding if the masses can find you online. If they can’t, well…that’s what we’re here for. REACH out to me anytime at



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  1. The word states my people or destroyed because of LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Inconsistency & fear both paralyzes the next move of God…Yeah fear prevents the body of Christ from progress.This tool ands another element to church growth.Church is all business,& a business that doesn’t market doesn’t GROW………pastor Steve

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