Your Digital Presence

Like street signs or billboards do offline, your digital presence ensures that customers who search online find their way so they can visit in person.

To succeed, every business in the world needs a strong digital presence. 

A complete digital presence includes:

  • Good website
  • Social media profiles & posts
  • Online directory listings
  • Organic search ranking
  • Customer reviews

These things not only need to be present but they need to be correct. On average, 57% of religious institutions’ online listings contain incorrect information!

Why is that? It’s because most small businesses and churches assume that by creating their website, their online presence is a given; not true. In addition, they don’t take the time to set up all of their listings, so instead, the search engines create them for you. And when you allow them to create your listing, you become subject to whatever they scrape together.

Our solution lets you control this. You can control your online presence and ensure your information online is complete and correct.

Do you want to see if you’re among 57% with incorrect listings? Check Now!

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